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A Gen-H Challenge: Step Up Cincinnati 2016

Gen-H is partnering with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and several regional employers to roll out the second annual Step Up Cincinnati walking challenge. Area workplaces are already gearing up for the challenge planned for September 27 through October 25! Step up your company’s United Way campaign this year with a fun challenge that also boosts your wellness program. Place a bet on your co-workers tracking the highest number of steps per person. Organize walks that energize your campaign and your employees. The pot goes in the winning company’s name toward the United Way’s community health agenda.

Why participate in the Step Challenge? It’s a win-win: walks with your co-workers mean better health for you, while also giving back to your community!
Need More Motivation?
  • IMPROVE your company’s overall health – Sitting is the new smoking! Give your wellness program a boost and get your fellow employees up and moving.
  • INCREASE your company’s contribution (if you win!) – Win and add big money toward your total corporate contribution to the United Way Campaign.
  • BUILD team camaraderie and wellness – Enjoy all the health benefits of walking while strengthening team relations and tackling a fun challenge together.
  • ENCOURAGE wellness activity at work – A culture of health goes beyond corporate wellness policies! You and your co-workers will model healthy behaviors together.
  • ENSURE healthy opportunities for all – Be part of a movement! Regional leaders are focusing on health as a community asset like never before.
  • ACHIEVE goals employees set for each other – Whether or not your company or team wins, you’ll take pride in working together to meet goals each week.

For more details on the Step Up Cincinnati challenge, how it works, and how to join, please visit https://genh.healthcollab.org/step-up-cincinnati-2016/.

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