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Cincinnati is Building a Culture of Health: Moving One Step Closer to the “Prize”

Back in the fall of 2016, our community came together to tell a story of collaboration, action, and results. Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky haven’t always been known for having the best health outcomes, and we have often lagged behind other regions in terms of eating healthfully, living actively, and finding healthy ways to cope with stress. However, awareness is growing, and community organizations and healthcare providers alike are doing more to address and prevent upstream causes of poor health

In order to share our story and gain insights from the successes of other communities, The Health Collaborative has partnered with the City of Cincinnati Health Department to submit an application for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize.

The Culture of Health prize recognizes U.S. communities for their accomplishments in catalyzing and sustaining positive changes across systems and policies; harnessing the collective power of community leaders and residents; efficiently and effectively sharing resources; and collectively measuring and monitoring progress toward better health. There are three distinct phases of the application process: Phase I Application, Phase II Application, and Phase III Site Visits with Finalist Communities. Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are fortunate, as a region, to be chosen along with other 31 applicant communities – out of a pool of 210 – to move beyond Phase I into Phase II (announced earlier this month).

As community highlights were gathered for the application it was inspiring to see all that is being done in our region, by so many organizations, to engage residents in making health a value we share. More than 20 programs, initiatives, and strategies were highlighted in the November 2016 Phase I application, with more detail and support provided in the Phase II essay. We want to share just a handful of these achievements here in order to celebrate and bring more attention to the Culture of Health that’s currently emerging here in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, regardless of whether we are chosen for the prize.

Click on a topic below to learn more:

Through these and countless other ways, Greater Cincinnati is making health a value we share –and for that reason, we believe we are worthy of recognition for our culture of health. Stay tuned for updates as we move through the RWJF application process and continue to tell our community story. We will receive word in early March on whether we have been selected for Phase III site visits.

Click below to view the video that was developed to accompany our Phase II application:

Got a community story to share? Feel free to comment or visit the Gen-H website to share YOUR story!

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